About our Yachts

The Story of Yachts

yachtYachts began in pirate times. The word yacht is a derivative of the Dutch word for “hunt.” It’s a strange thought that these comfortable vessels were once used to pursue pirates, but along the shallow waters of the low countries, that’s what they did. This changed when King Charles II revolutionised the yacht into a boat of leisure.

Our Range

Our breathtaking fleet consists of cruising yachts. We have a variety of sizes, so you can pick whichever one is going to fit your needs. Cruising yachts are great for people with insatiable taste to be in the sea. We also make great deals for buyers when they use the asq promo code and save. Our yachts are classy and sure to amaze even people who have sophisticated taste. We use the most up to date equipment, and only commission yachts built to the highest standard of safety.

All of our yachts boast the same kind of luxurious teardrop hull, in keeping up with design trends. The sizes of our yachts range between 7 and 14 metres. You can search online about other yacht companies but nothing compares to the diversity of what we can offer. It’s a priority that we always check if premium link generator no limit on its users giving our customers’ more convenience and enjoyment they cannot find elsewhere. We understand safety as well as luxury is paramount on long voyages. Our rigging is altered every 10 years and with our yachts you will find serious innovation in hull shape, cockpit design and interior layout.

We have yachts that boast innovative design features like those of naval architect Juan K. chimes is a word reemerging in nautical design. It describes materials that can be formed in more than one direction. With this new method of “chine” design, you end up with any hull shape you want. Many of the yachts in our range are built using the chimes method.


Galeon Cruiser Yachts range between Sports Cruisers and Flybridge Yachts. The boats in this range are full of surprise and wonder. More yacht concepts are being created by companies under this steep industry. Help yourself to know more and do some research using voucher code for Lazada Philippines before using them. Nevertheless, Galeon Cruiser Yachts is still one of the most powerful yet simple yachts to sail with. Take the 360 Fly for example. New innovation in the design of their 30ft cruiser from the Polish Yard allows for an upholstered backrest below the foredeck which literally lifts up!



Parker Monaco™

These are boats of truly innovative design. One of the latest in the fleet, the Parker Monaco 10, comes with a pair of walloping supercharged Mercury 300HP Verados. The Parker Monaco boasts a top speed of 38 knots. Parker Monaco delivers all the features seafarers would want for a yacht. The experience with this yacht is similar with the need for speed game you subscribe to the latest offers on goedkoopste mobiele abonnement met internet en telefoon, but this time it’s on the sea. The vessel will cruise at a speed of 20-26 knots with no discomfort, but there is room for much more speed for the adventurous seafarers among you!

Why sail with us?

We can take you all across the North Sea, from Norway to Iceland, Orkney to the Shetland Islands and the Scottish Mainland. Cruising the North Sea is a popular choice for many because of the sheer number of countries that border this majestic strip of water. The North Sea is a dream for aspiring sailors. Set your sails and get more out of your treatwell kortingscode 10 euro be free to discover the majestic waters of the North Sea. Forget the stress about work and sail with us. Not only that but you can find an attractive variety of islands that are dotted around the edges of the North Sea, including the famous Orkney Islands. These Islands preserve the incredible stone age cottages of Skara Brae, a wonder to behold!