Sailing on the North Sea

The North Sea is a shallow, inland sea. In some shallow areas it is only 15 metres deep!. For us here at North Beach Yachts, the main attraction of your journey with us is the Fjords. The North Sea is one of the most daring places you must visit. This place is undeniably underrated for the breathtaking views everyone must see. The popular use of kortingscode zalando lounge gratis verzending belgie. It should be on everyone’s bucket list. If Tom Sawyer found out about the North Sea, he would be gathering is friends for a long smooth sailing ride. A Fjord is an elongated stretch of seawater surrounded by steep land.

North Sea

The Fjords

Fjords were formed during the ice age by giant sheets of ice known as “ice tongues” that millenia ago actually shaped the landscape. On the West Coast of Norway, these are often surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery.

You’ll be away from the roar of the ocean, the natural sea barrier will see to that. Fjords’ beauty can astonish anyone who visits. It has different tourist spots that will make your heart torn especially if you are on a quick vacation. Multiple options are quite confusing. In this case, the I Amsterdam card vs Museumkaart review can be handy. No need to be torn anymore. The word origin itself is of interest; it genuinely means to travel. When you read the word ferry, consider how close it sounds to fjord in the Norwegian language.

The entire Western Region of Norway is referred to as Fjord Norway. You’ll experience breathtaking Fjords in Norway and in Greenland on your travels with us. Just think of fresh air, trees, clean air, and jaw-dropping views grabbing away your worries and stress. If you find the best offers using zalando black friday kortingscode, you are on the right track. Fjord Norway is the perfect destination even if you are on a budget. Travel with us in the footsteps of history through lands once used by Vikings to transport fish and spices, and isolated, landlocked areas that inspired novels such as The Fisherman by Hans Kirk.