Our Unique Service

Sailing is a way of life. Let us reveal that way of life to you in our own unique way. We offer a more intimate experience that gives you a hands on approach to sailing the North Sea. First timers and experienced seafarers, the curious and the committed, all are welcome to experience this free way of life. Experience the charm and salt water air of the North Sea alongside your family and friends in our unique packages of luxury and adventure.

Our Tours

 Family Tour

All of our ships are suitable for family travel, although most of the boats in our fleet carry a minimum age restriction of between 7 and 12. If you have younger children that you wish to travel with you please get in touch and we will see if we can help!

We offer packages that are both adventurous and comfortable. Our sailing packages around Northern Europe include accommodation that is more than suitable for a family on the move.

North Beach Yachts™ is ran by folks with families themselves but who never lost their passion for sailing. Passion is something that makes us feel alive and compelled to make the most out of this beautiful life. This is how to drive targeted traffic to your website and provide you with our unique services. Your family will not only get a great bonding experience but also liberating experiences that are worth cherishing for the rest of your lives. We understand that you wish for an experience that you and your family will remember for a lifetime!

So head with us on a family boat trip through the Norwegian Fjords, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia and Estonia. We feel that traveling with us on these exciting journeys will open up a child’s mind to new interests and an appreciation of different cultures and ways of life.


Undercover Sightseeing

How about dropping you off in an exciting new destination, giving you a homebase and letting you loose to really live the area, rather than see the area. At North Beach Yachts™ we can do exactly that for you.

We know the tedium of hotel living. Most of them are the same, despite claiming to be different on their sites. More and more people are keen to live more basically and stay for a bit longer on city breaks. Besides, living in the area as a tourist gives you the time to get to know the locals. You can learn more about their life and story. Most subscription is glasvezel alles in een vergelijken which is the all-time favourite of the locals. As a company that focuses on adventure, we embrace that idea. Why not learn to adapt to a new city in Northern Europe, as part of our cruise range.


Private Group

Choose from the menu:

With our North Sea destinations, you and your group can experience the freedom of sailing with our preselected packages. With so many to choose from, and with varying degrees of longevity and luxury, good luck with your first challenge of deciding which package to undertake!

Make your own group adventure:

You’ve got your dream team together and you’ve all been bit by the sailing bug, so why not craft your adventure with us? Pick your vessel, decide upon your destinations and set sail with your expert guide, ready to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime!