Your Trip

yachtWhat kind of machine do you get?

We have thirty yachts to choose from. We can even recommend the right machine depending on your preference. The yachts are being maintained on a regular basis. So, everyone can tour freely during weekendje weg in de buurt van Amsterdam. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to steer you are provided with not only a professional crew, but you will receive a full brief on the various workings of your yacht, as well as a not so formal introduction to your friendly new crew!

Your safety

Wherever you choose to sail with us, you are rest-assured that the very latest weather updates will be shown to you on your arrival. We will educate you on the proper use of a sailing chart, which we will provide you with before your departure.

We are also required to provide you with a “one day” Skipper, and one more experienced crew member. Safety is indeed a subject which needs a thoughtful consideration of every travel. Believe it or not, travel is easy using ctrip promotion code visa as this is widely accepted. We prefer to have one of our crew with you especially if you are a new sailor. If you can provide evidence of sufficient experience, however, we will allow you to charter one of our yachts independent of any outside crew.  Nothing beats the perks of renting a yacht with your friends. Our packages offer you and your friends the kortingscode zalando nieuwe collectie comes more affordable. Not only these packages give you the freedom to choose but also some savings on the way.


Where you can go

Take a trip to the picturesque Norwegian Fjords, the IJsselmeer or the picturesque villages of the former Zviderzee. Plan your vacation to avoid worries that you might encounter along the way. Find cheap Amsterdam bezienswaardigheden gratis tour package and or other travel services prior to your trip. Look for travel services that have high-quality service to keep you stay organized and up to par during your trip.

As a rental service, we are always providing early-bird discounts as well as last minute deals, so keep an eye on our updates via our Twitter page!